Our Previous Parishes

St. John the Baptist

159 Reed Ave.
Campbell, OH 44405

The people of Campbell has long been described as the "City of Churches". Our churches are living institutions, a source of pride and an insignia for the town.

St. John the Baptist (Slovak) Roman Catholic Church has had its share in building this sense of community pride and involvement. The year 2009 marked the 90th anniversary for the Parish of St. John's.


St. Lucy

397 Tenney Ave.
Campbell, OH 44405

Campbell, Ohio became the home to immigrant families from many lands—Czechoslovakia, Poland, Germany, Greece, and Italy. The community was a melting pot of people following different traditions, yet commonly sharing fortitude, courage, strong faith, and love for God.


St. Joseph the Provider

Our roots trace back to 1906 with the movement of Polish immigrants into the east side of the city of Youngstown, Ohio. This movement gained momentum in the years that followed prior to the beginning of the First World War.

Being a devoutly religious group, but without their own parish church, most of the Polish families had to travel to Youngstown where they attended St. Stanislaus Church on South Avenue. St. John the Baptist Polish Church was organized in 1919 with Fr. Joseph Rojewski as the first resident pastor. The first church services were held in a store building on Robinson Road at Fourteenth


St. Rosa de Lima

In the early fifties an avalanche of people from different Hispanic countries arrived in Campbell, Ohio. It came to the attention of the Bishop of the Diocese of Youngstown, that a majority of the immigrants arriving were Catholics from the Island of Puerto Rico.

Bishop Ermet Walsh, took certain steps to help this group of people. In the process, he was able to assign Fr. Joseph Ritcher to the task at hand.