Christ, the Good Shepherd
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Our roots trace back to 1906 with the movement of Polish immigrants into the east side of the city of Youngstown, Ohio. This movement gained momentum in the years that followed prior to the beginning of the First World War.
Being a devoutly religious group, but without their own parish church, most of the Polish families had to travel to Youngstown where they attended St. Stanislaus Church on South Avenue. St. John the Baptist Polish Church was organized in 1919 with Fr. Joseph Rojewski as the first resident pastor. The first church services were held in a store building on Robinson Road at Fourteenth 
Street. Work was begun on a permanent church, but the bright hopes of the hard-working parishioners were dulled by a six-month steel strike, and economic hardships that hit the valley. A tornadic storm in late summer leveled the newly-erected shell. By Christmas 1919 the parishioners entered a partially completed church which led to the Dedication Mass on August 19, 1920.
From that early beginning to the 21st century the parishioners have been dedicated and hard-working Catholic people, sacrificing so much for the glory of God and country. Through the hard work of its pastors, the Franciscan sisters, and its Faith, the parish church and school survived set backs and crosses and each time rose to new life.
Many remember the hard work of parents and grandparents working at the church, making pierogi, cooking for various fundraisers and occasions, the festivals, and the hard work of the organizations. These were all the seeds planted in a growing congregation. 
Permission for a new church building and rectory was granted by Bishop Emmett M. Walsh, on December 22, 1961. The Bishop also granted permission to establish the new church under the patronage of St. Joseph the Provider. The groundbreaking took place on March 18, 1962. A record crowd of parishioners and friends, nearly 500 persons, was present to see a dream come true. The actual construction began on St. Joseph's Day, March 19, 1962. With constant prayer, hard work, sacrifice and lasting patience, St. Joseph the Provider Parish was dedicated on Sunday, August 4, 1963 by Bishop Walsh who commented, "this is a day of great happiness".
The years that followed were marked with the completion of the dream of a new church, rectory, school and convent.
Even though many of our family and friends have gone on before us, their memory is still alive in our homes and hearts. Their faith, sacrifices and love for God and His church are remembered each time we gather for Holy Mass.

Pastors of the Parish

Rev. Joseph Rojewski1919-1921
Rev. Thomas Murawski      1921-1922
Rev. Anthony Orlemanski   1922-1925
Rev. Lawrence W. Budny   1925-1931
Rev. Michael J. Konwinski 1931-1940
Rev. Msgr. Thaddeus Heruday 1940-1964
Rev. Leon W. Dobosiewicz 1964-1984
Rev. Leo J. Pleban 1984-2000
Rev. Michael A. Swierz 2000-2011
Rev. Joseph Ruggieri 2011-Present
Merged and now Christ, the Good Shepherd Parish

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