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All parish offices and mailing addresses are located at 394 Tenney Avenue, Campbell, Ohio  44405

The people of Campbell has long been described as the "City of Churches".  Our churches are living institutions, a source of pride and an insignia for the town. 
St. John the Baptist (Slovak) Roman Catholic Church has had its share in building this sense of community pride and involvement.  The year 2009 marked the 90th anniversary for the Parish of St. John's.
The illustrious history of the parish had its beginning with the permanent settlement of Slovak immigrants in the early 1900's.  September of 1919 was a time of spiritual harvest for St. John's.  The church became a canonical parish and the cycle of grace and sacraments was begun when Rev. J.J. Frena performed the first valid baptism on Sept. 28, 1919, thus, the Slovak settlers symbolically celebrated their own birth as a parish.  
About a year later Rev. John W. Krispinsky was appointed the first resident pastor who saw the parish reaching maturity and growing in grace before God and man.   Rev. John G. Hamrak was appointed to succeed Fr. Krispinsky in 1926 and was followed by the Rev. George P. Novak and later in the pastorate.
In 1948, under Rev. Michael M. Tondra's leadership and with the aid of these assistants, Rev. Michael J. Chonko, Rev. George P. Popovich, the parish saw a  succession of ground-breakings and fund raisings.
The first project was a new rectory.  The following summer Bishop McFadden broke the ground for a new school, convent and a social center, and the building of the existing church which was dedicated in 1954, thus extending its benevolence to the entire citizenry.  
St. John's parish wished to remain a community in death as well as life.  In order to symbolize this unity, a cemetery of 40 acres was purchased.  The focal point of the cemetery is the chapel and a gleaming marble Pieta. There are several other features including 2 mausoleums .
Much has been accomplished for the honor and glory of Almighty God during these past 90-plus years; for this reason, there is joy and deep gratitude in the hearts of all who have been associated with St. John the Baptist Church.



Slovak people were served by SS. Cyril and Methodius Church in Youngstown and by Holy Trinity Church in Struthers before the church building was erected.

Various priests from the Diocese of Cleveland and Youngstown ministered to our parish from 1919-1920.

The following served as Pastors:

Reverend John W. Krispinsky, 1920-1927

Reverend John G. Hamrak, 1927-1931

Reverend George P. Novak, 1931-1946

Reverend Michael M. Tondra, 1946-1966

Reverend Albert J. Klein, 1966-1971

Reverend Robert J. Novotny, 1971-1984

Reverend Stephen Karas, 1984-1989

Reverend John S. Trimbur, 1989-2002

Reverend Michael Swierz (Administrator), 2002-2008

Reverend John M. Jerek (Administrator), 2008-2011

Reverend Joseph Ruggieri, 2011-Present

Now Merged as Christ the Good Shepherd Parish

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